Hazel’s Diary–Complete!

One of the first blogs I found was Shelly’s Prairie Moon Quilts.   Charming.  Funny.  Great quilts.  So, when she started a quilt-along, nothing to do but join in.

Hazel’s Diary is a transcription of Shelly’s mother’s teenage journal, with commentary, pictures and a quilt pattern or two.

The 1951 commerative quilt took a year to build and was worth every day.  And I learned to miter corners.  (The directions are still posted, if you want to give it a try. It won’t take you a year.  She gave us very small daily steps and occasional days off.)

It is finally finished, part of my quilting splurge.  Thank you, Shelly, I LOVE it.  Yes, it is staying at my house, too.  My husband’s dire prediction that the house would sometime disappear under a pile of quilts just might come true.

15 thoughts on “Hazel’s Diary–Complete!

  1. i am so glad you got it quilted…it is beautiful..i finished mine and got it quilted and already gone!! i love the colors of yours..so rich..you have such a good eye for color..thanks for sharing that with us..you are such an inspiraton to us all..

  2. Just beautiful!! Every now and then we have to keep something for our own family to enjoy,and mitering is a milestone! As for the house being buried in quilts,don’t we all want our home and loved ones to be wrapped in love? You just meant it literally!

  3. What a lovely finish! That was worth waiting for, wasn’t it? I love Shelly’s stuff! That blue and brick red frames everything so nicely. Quilts are love so disappearing under a pile of love is a good thing. 🙂

  4. Nice job! That was a very fun project. Little bits at a time. Maybe this is just the inspiration I need to get the binding sewn on my Hazel Ilene quilt…

  5. It’s beautiful. I love the colours. I did find her blog when she started the quilt but got side tracked and never went back….I just might go and have another look.

  6. Oh, Deanna!!! Your quilt is wonderful!! And great name too – my Mom’s name!! Also, Shelly’s blog is great – I had to add it to my sidebar!! Thanks for the suggestion!!! Kris

  7. Oh, Deanna, it’s gorgeous! Very very stunning! (I think I might actually like it better than mine.) Congratulations on getting it finished, and I don’t blame you one bit for keeping it for yourself!

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