Starting Again

New projects or new ideas have their own excitment–the idea of taking 2000 tiny pieces of fabric and stitching them together isn’t at all intimidating while you kick around ideas and make sketches on the backs of envelopes. But, the second time, you know what is coming…


A friend has asked me to make her a 100-Patch quilt. But, she wants hers BIGGER. So, here is the beginning. Sixteen piles. Sixteen hundred-patch blocks. Here we go!

6 thoughts on “Starting Again

  1. I guess the good part is that this is assembly line piecing, and you can think about other things or listen to a book on tape as you go! I look forward to seeing your progress. Are you doing this like the one you did before Fading Charms? You accomplish a lot with all those squares! Is Sparkle Jane’s quilt turned in now?

  2. what fun!!!! i love things i can sew without too much thinking and as you say think what your next project could be…i love all those little squares laying there..that would still excite me..have fun and enjoy!!!!

  3. I agree it’s always exciting to start a new project. This one looks very interesting.

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