13 thoughts on “Six Squared…Prepared

  1. can”t wait til i finish mine…i do not know how you could use this for a leader/ender..i really tried but got very confused so just work on it as i get time..i too can hardly wait to see it put together..i love the colors..thanks for giving us the idea…

  2. Oh! oh! can’t wait to see this one done – another quilt to add to my rainbow quilt pin-board, lol!

  3. I need help! I have been collecting factory cut 5 inch squares, in preparation for a postage stamp quilt. I read somewhere in a tutorial or blog about the pinked edges, but, (senior moment here) I can’t remember what I read about cutting them, or where I read it. Can anyone refresh my memory on this? Thank you.

    1. i haven’t read anything about it but can only comment from experience…any precut pinked charm squares i have bought the pinking is only about a1/16th inch so would not effect a 1/4″ seam at all…i measure from edge to edge. mark the center and cut…2.5″..then cut that in half…these 2.5 inch squares with 2 pinked eges each work good for me in a postage stamp quilt..i used lots of them in the Fading Charms quilt…hope that helps you…i’m sure others will have ideas too…

  4. Working on my first leader-ender project. Its like making two quilts at once. Looking forward to seeing the top pieced. With those fun colors, it’s going to be gorgeous!

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