Daughter Is Daring

The Home Machine Quilting Show (www.hmqs.org) is coming up in Salt Lake City, UT. 

Daughter has decided to enter in the 14-and-under category.  She is so daring.  I have never done anything like that. 

Her quilt is simple, but well-pieced and with an unexpected extra in a scrappy, matching binding.  Here is a glimpse of the quilt.  I am not sure of the protocol of sharing this type of thing.

We don’t expect a win, as it is a QUILTING show and she is really more of a piecer at this point, but we are looking forward to attending our first real quilt show and enjoying the experience.

If any of you will be in or near Salt Lake during the show, May 10-12, let us know.  Maybe we can meet up somewhere.  We are planning to attend on Friday, May 11.

17 thoughts on “Daughter Is Daring

  1. It’s wonderful! isn’t piecing a massive part of quilting?!? I love the scrappiness! It’s so nice to see the tradition of quilting continue in the generations, so much seems to be lost in this age of overwhelming technology…keep up the good work…My youngest did a doll quilt for 4-H. When children start with quilting they are so innocent and open, they just make what is pleasing to their eye rather than having all the rules clouding their heads like some of us old timers…She did a great job!

  2. It looks GREAT! Good on your daughter for entering, I think she deserves an award just for that!!!


  3. How wonderful!! I’m excited to hear that your daughter would want to enter. She may be on the road to greatness 🙂 Let us know how it turns out. After all, you have to start some where.

  4. Entering shows certainly adds to the quilting experience. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for daughter and after attending, I think you may want to start thinking about it for yourself.

  5. good for her to finish the quilt and enter it..piecing and the neatness of the quilt and that border will count for something..i think she will do alright..you have taught her well..good luck to her and to you…enjoy the show …wish i could be there…take a picture of her standing by her quilt on display…

  6. Good luck to your daughter. would love if my daughter would start quilting my tops, but I can’t get her to do any sewing even though she has taken several classes. that would be wonderful.

  7. Piecing is what I always admire the most in a quilt and her piecing looks perfect.

  8. Thanks for sharing – the quilt is lovely! I admire your daughter’s skill and confidence. This will be a great experience for her. You have a lot to be proud of!

  9. I wish your daughter well. Even if she doesn’t place, it will be good experience for her.

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