Speaking Of Small…

Great minds must think alike!

Just as I am preparing for my All Small Week, Joanne decides to host the Friendship Mini Sampler Quilt.  You can bet I’m sewing along.

My SMALL flying geese (which creates block #1).

You might want to, join us.

She is planning  a little quilt – 11.5″x15″. There will be one block pattern a day for 6 days, then assembly and the border. Applique is optional and she includes quilting ideas. What a fun way to spend a week. 

Check back in on Monday when I will share my first SMALL project of the week.  Not all of my projects are exactly small in size, but they are small in TIME–things that can be completed in a few hours or so.  See you then!

4 thoughts on “Speaking Of Small…

  1. i saw that this morning …woe is me..i think i will pass this one up as i do want to do the small one you have the tutorial for …but i will read it every day…i love the colors..keep showing us your blocks as you sew along..and i am anxious to see what SMALL projects you will be showing us this coming week…

  2. oh no, must not start new project, arg. must do small project. arg. ok. I’m going to use orange fabrics. This will be fun. Can’t wait to see what you are offering next week.

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