All Small Week Day 1: Business Card Holder

Because sometimes you need a small something, and this small something is suitable for persons of all ages, whether they use it as a business card holder, or for gift or store loyalty cards.

Melanie created this easy-to-follow tutorial. She includes abundant pictures. You can easily complete one of these card holders in less than an hour.

I did not precisely follow the tutorial as I used interfacing instead of fusible fleece, and narrow elastic instead of a hair band, as that is what I had on hand.

Do be aware that your final edge/top stitching needs to be VERY CLOSE to the edge or the cards will not fit. The tutorial works well, but only if you are careful with your seam allowances.

I enjoyed this tutorial so much, I made four. The two with the darling mouse fabric don’t have homes yet.  They were my practice items. The red/black one goes in my Christmas pile for Husband. I have even already slipped a few of his cards inside. The butterfly one is for Daughter.  Yep, that enterprising quilter even has business cards now.

I am having fun finally getting to some of the items on my  “Hmm…I want to try that someday” list.  The projects are all SMALL in time, meaning that they require a few hours or so to complete.  Some, like this one, are also SMALL in size.  Join me again tomorrow for another All Small Week project.

ps–Here is the direct URL if you need it:

9 thoughts on “All Small Week Day 1: Business Card Holder

  1. can hardly wait to try this..i don;t know if i have anybody who would want a business card holder but have several someones who would like a gift card holder–including ME!! thanks so much for leading us over to the i have to go find some material just right for these..

  2. Cute little holder — what fun this would be to make in woodsy fabrics to hold our Camp MACOBA cards! 🙂

  3. They look perfect. I love the idea of carrying maybe the grocery cards or even credit cards around in this cute little thing. Plus the gift card idea. I will make some up before Christmas, I think, and have them ready!

  4. I love them! And I could probably use a couple of them myself. My cards usually just are left loose in the pocket of my coat, and I rarely carry my business cards on my (which is only hurting myself, I admit, since I really ought to carry a couple just in case), and something like this could also be fun to make as gifts for friends! Thanks for the link to the tutorial!

  5. It may be hold credit cards in this cute little thing.They look perfect and so much creative mind I have to say this.It might be gifted to any love one persons like mother.I think we can use it in many purposes.Keep it up and good luck.

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