All Small Week Day 2: Circle Skirt

Daughter NEEDED a new skirt–she really did.  After all, we have a quilt show to attend. 🙂

More quickly than I would have guessed, a piece of fabric on hand–a somewhat Hawaiian-print knit–became a circle skirt.  Thanks to Amber for her great tutorial.  Because I was able to cut the skirt in a single piece, this was a one-evening project.

Circle skirts use a surprising amount of fabric–2 yards of 54″ wide fabric for daughter, who isn’t very big.  I used a separate waist band and elastic, as the jacket and top will cover the band and render a zipper unnecessary.

Amber warned of the woes of hemming a circle skirt, but by serging first, which gathers ever so slightly, and only turning a single hem, it really wasn’t bad, but not for the pin-phobic.  I used a pin probably every 4-6 inches, which means a lot of pins.  But, the quick, smooth stitching results were worth it.

We matched the skirt with a thrift store jacket and belt.  She looks show ready (and will wear it to the last band concert of the year.  A two-for-one special).

Perhaps you have an occasion coming up that would call for a new outfit?  For Daughter this really is a SMALL project, but even if your size is closer to mine, I count it as a All Small Week project because of the small amount of time involved.  Check back tomorrow for Day Three of All Small Week and another tutorial that might be just the right size for you.

PS–if the link doesn’t work for you, here is the URL:

10 thoughts on “All Small Week Day 2: Circle Skirt

  1. Great skirt! The fabric is so pretty. You are so clever to make clothes and practical things.
    Love the spinning photo – the best thing about a circle skirt!

  2. how darling..i can see her wearing that on many other occasions…such pretty colors and fits so well..both my little girls are too big now.. but it was fun reading about it..what a lovely model..

  3. And look at those too adorable shoes to wear with it! That’s a beautiful outfit, so elegant and sophisticated. What a young lady she is. The top picture is a treasure, especially.

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