Quilt Show Results

Daughter entered the Home Machine Quilting Show (www.hmqs.org).  Youth division, of course, as she is 11. 

I don’t really know that she slept since we received a call on Tuesday saying that she should attend the awards ceremony. 

So, as soon as her math test was complete, we busted her out of school and made it to the ceremony with 5 minutes to spare.

It was so worth it.

She was able to visit with some very kind fans people who asked questions about her quilt.

And have a new experience or two. (No, we are not getting one.)

Thanks to all who have encouraged and supported her.  It is such a remarkable experience to have such a remarkable daughter. 

PS–If you are interested in seeing more of her work, check out the SMALL QUILTS FOR SALE tab above. She has some new ones coming soon.  A lot had to be put on hold while she prepared for this show.  She also takes custom orders if you have a special request.

24 thoughts on “Quilt Show Results

  1. Oh, fabulous! Congratulations! What a lovely ribbon, and I’m sure it will be followed by others. =) My crystal ball tells me there IS a quilting machine in your future – just not tomorrow. =)

  2. Wow! That’s awesome!! Congratulations to the moon and back!!! … How fabulous that you get to share your passion with your daughter at this young age!! How old was she when you started teaching her some of the techniques? My almost-4yo is showing interest lately … loves watching me while I am working on the sewing machine, lol!! Even told her great-granddad that she’d been watching Mummy sewing the other night when we called him!!! … Once again, a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!! This is such an AMAZING achievement – at ANY age!!!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS TO DAUGHTER AND MOM!!!!!! what a great mother’s day gift for you and what a great achievement for daughter…that is wonderful!!!! i knew she would do it..it will probably take her a few days to get back to the real world but that’s ok..that is a once in a lifetime thing ….thanks for showing us the pictures…what a beautiful quilt!!!!! —-and yes those were FANS!!!!!!

  4. I saw that quilt in person yesterday, it is fabulous! Your daughter should be very proud. Enjoyed the picture of her using the long arm with Diane’s watchful care. Wasn’t the show wonderful!

  5. I am so excited for both you and your daughter! I knew she would do well! I have a feeling this is but only the begining, make room for more ribbbons!

  6. It is so nice to see a young person following her dream. What a great experience for her! And kudos to you for supporting her in her endeavors.

  7. Way to go, “Daughter!!!” How sweet is that ribbon?!?!?!? I’m sure there will be many more in your future!!! And that quilt is AMA-ZA-ING!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! 😀

  8. Congratulations on a job well done – her quilt is lovely! I’m sure this will only be the first of many awards! How fun that the two of you can share your love of quilting together!

  9. That is so awesome – I love the quilt! Many congrats to your daughter, what a talented kiddo she is!

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