That Unfortunate Ballet Move

About 2 months ago, I mentioned that Daughter had destroyed a pair of pants in an “unfortunate ballet move.”

Here are the pants. Yes, it happened at school. Have you even seen such dramatic results? She worries about her flexibility, but she is obviouly more flexible than those pants.

I didn’t want to just throw them out, but repairs were…improbable, at best.

So, I am planning a recycling/remodeling project. Check back tomorrow to see the results in All Small Week Day 5 (one day late). Thank you for being patient with the delay.  The quilt show is my only excuse.

2 thoughts on “That Unfortunate Ballet Move

  1. the quilt show was the BEST excuse there is!!!! we are all so proud of daughter and YOU!!!!!!! so we will wait til tomorrow to see the recycling/remodeling project…

  2. As if you need an excuse for being late sharing your wonderful ideas with us! I’m anxious to see what you figured out for those pants! I’m still so jazzed about the lovely ribbon Ms Sparkle has to hang on her wall, and the fact that you got to share time at a quilt show!

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