I Am The Not-Mom

A child at the school once asked me, “So, how many kids do you have?”

I answered, “It depends on how you count them.”  We were in math class, after all.

“How can you not know how many kids you have?” he asked, looking bewildered.

Well, Husband came with two sons (What a bargain.  Three men for the price of one.)  They have both married, giving us two Daughters-in-law.  There is a set of twins due in about a month.

Three exchange students have lived for whole years with our family.  We do miss them in Germany.

I have given birth to two living, biological children.  You know them as Young Son and Daughter/Sparkle Jane.

Then there is Foster Daughter, who wasn’t really a foster child because she was legally an adult, but she sure needed a home.  She has since married and has one baby here and one on the way. 

THEN, there are the many young people who I taught privately for five years.  Many of them still call on me on a regular basis.  They practically lived here.  They will always be welcome.

THEN…well you get the idea.

The term we finally created to describe all these different types of relationships is that I am the Not-Mom.  It is a great job!  All the love.   All the heartache.   All the fun. All the long talks. All that I could wish for!

Happy Mother’s Day to you all!  Regardless of your personal mortal circumstance, I would ask you to consider this: Are we not all mothers?  (Not too long an article and a great read.)

13 thoughts on “I Am The Not-Mom

  1. How wonderful! So many do not realize the need for mothering in this world! I too have called many my child that I did not give birth to, and mothered some that never even lived with me. But mothering is a gift, and I salute you for giving so much of yourself to others :*)

  2. what a lovely post…I have some friends who really need this so if it’s ok. I would like to copy or acess this and send it to them.Their children are beyond their arms for some fairly awful reasons of their own making but I hurt for my friend. Please take a moment today to have a thought for those moms who did their very best and now live every moment with the terrible choices their children have made. Bars are never in just one place. Happy day to you all and blessings for your day!

  3. happy mother’s day!!!! what a wonderful life you have lived..i have lived this life on a much smaller scale but still i am thankful for all the children who have passed thru my life…you have done a great job with all of them…sometimes just a little loving and a smile can make all the difference in the world..

  4. This was a terrific post and wonderfully expressed … and *so* true for so many moms! Happy Mother’s Day to you! 🙂

  5. I believe it’s the nature of women to mother, with rare exceptions, and you exemplify the best qualities of motherhood and the divine nature of women. I’ll bet that student got a whole new appreciation for “new math!” =) I hope it’s been a lovely day for you.

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