Daughter’s Sunflower Dreams

Now that the quilt show is over, Daughter, that intrepid NEARLY 12-YEAR OLD quilter is back in the business of making quilts.

She finished Sunflower Dreams this weekend.

It is about 46″ square and has been washed–no fading, shrinking or other surprises to deal with. In my never-biased mother opinion, I think it is one of the prettier things she has put together.

Please forgive the poor photography, but it is too late to re-do it right now.

This quilt is available for purchase. Let us know if you are interested.

She has three small quilts nearly finished, and I will share those soon.  Thank you all again for your kindness to her as a young, new quilter.

12 thoughts on “Daughter’s Sunflower Dreams

  1. That is Bellissima [beautiful] Sparkle Jane! A whole lot of us [your mom included] better watch out because it won’t be a whole lot of years away and you’ll be teaching all of us a few new things.Keep going and never let your love for your craft fade-to have something you are good at that puts love and beauty in our world is a wonderful and precious gift for yourself as well as many others it will touch that you may never know. Now tell us- what is Aunt Sparkle doing for her soon-to-be babysitting charges? If you don’t mind a tip, you can’t go wrong with over the shoulder burp guards

  2. i love it!!!! sunflowers have always been a favorite it of mine and i love that little quilt or maybe it is a throw?? she has an eye for color like her mom…i don;t think she will have that one very long..and good luck on the rest of them..you do a great job..

  3. What a lovely quilt! The colors remind me of growing up in the country – the blue sky and the green fields. Nicely done!

  4. Applause! Such a great balance of color and who doesn’t love sunflowers? I love the summery feel of the fabrics and it looks like the perfect quilt to drape over the hammock while reading in the dappled shade. That reminds me, I need a hammock. LOL. Keep quilting girl!

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