I Quilted

Daughter wasn’t the only one at the show who tried out the quilting machines. See!

My first effort.

And, very possibly my last. Apart from the cost, which is prohibitive in my life, there were operational issues.

I tried two different machines. One wasn’t too bad. It produced the lovely leaf (yes, that is what it was supposed to be) that you see above. The other operated at a frequency or something that gave me instant vertigo. Very odd and disconcerting. That wasn’t worth preserving for posterity.

I am so grateful that there are longarm quilters, but I doubt I will ever be one of them. Besides, I really like piecing.

9 thoughts on “I Quilted

  1. Isn’t it funny how different our preferences are, all withing the same “quilting” label? I won’t ever own a longarm or be a longarm quilter. And while piecing the quilt is okay, my love is the hand-quilting. I know those who live for applique. Some whose favorite part is attaching the binding (of all things)! The variety itself is one of the things that keeps me attracted to being a quilter! Piece on, friend! 🙂

  2. i could never be a longarm quilter…my kids would love to buy me a machine but i have no patience for it..i have never tried one but just hearing my friends that have them tell me what they go thru gettting the quilt on the frame is worse than a regular quilting frame which used to drive me crazy when us church ladies would put one on…i myself find cutting my favorite part of doing a quilt..and i do like putting on the binding..my best friend always had me do her cutting and binding..i do some hand quilting but on smaller items..you did a great job with the leaf and i could tell that is what it is..lol..

  3. I too immediately identified the leaf – it looks good to me as a newbie quilter! Not sure about my favourite part yet, I think it’s the piecing, but I did thoroughly enjoy doing the binding on my first (and only) finished quilt to date. I quilted that ‘in the ditch’ on my ordinary machine, but didn’t enjoy that process much, so am looking forward to handstitching the one that I’m currently working on.


  4. Your leaf looks great! I have to say that the machine makes a huge difference. An Innova would have a completely better feel than anything else, and the big names like Gammill and Nolting are definitely easier to manage than some of the newer, less expensive machines. Getting the quilt on is a breeze with a little invention called red snappers. =) However, we are not all the same, or we would be boring! There’s room for everyone’s preference, thank goodness! I’m so grateful for my friend who binds all my quilts because I absolutely HATE binding – as I was reminded when I made a snack mat yesterday!

  5. Like you I have no room or finances for a longarm. But I have two machine quilting idols. One is Diane Gaudinski who uses a stationary machine and the other is someone on Ravelry whose name I don’t remember, who does machine quilting on a treadle. Both do beautiful work. I like your leaf–I’ll have to try that.

  6. Being an empty nester now with a little more disposable income, I was lucky enough to be able to go halves with my BFF in purchasing a second hand Gammill Sept. 2011. I love quilting on it and just do panto designs. I recognized your leaf and admire your talent being able to do it. I could never return to domestic machine quilting. I will never make a full time job doing it as I have enough of my own to do. My BFF does it for customers and I help her if need be. It is nice to earn a little extra money though.
    I love every step of patchworking from cutting to piecing to quilting and binding, to admiring my finished work, to folding a quilt away or gifting to some-one else to enjoy.. Everything I do is by machine including the binding much to my purest friends disgust at me not sewing it down by hand. I can have another top pieced in the time it would take me to hand sew the binding down. I can hand quilt and hand applique but prefer to do everything by machine because of the speed of completion. I know I was born with feet but I got a drivers licence at 17yr and haven’t walked since. So why would I have a machine and do hand sewing. I recently started walking for fitness and 3 weeks ago I twisted my knee and pulled a ligament. Walking is dangerous, I would never have done that while sitting at my sewing machine.
    With the cost of Drs fees, Xrays, Physio and drugs I could have purchased fabric for another quilt and had it quilted as well. Lucky I could claim a lot back from my medical insurer.

  7. I like piecing the best and although my sewing machine quilting is very ordinary, I like the idea of doing everything myself.

    1. I like THE IDEA of doing everything myself; gosh, I even like the idea of quilting by hand. But for now I do only from miniature to crib size by machine and an occasional one by hand that needs a lot of color changes. Larger ones get the quilt by check approach.

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