Another UFO, Only Two Years This TIme

“Brother Quilt” is on my to-do list this year…and it was last year, too…and maybe even earlier than that. But, it is time.

It is only going to be a throw quilt–size large–when finished.

Only half-square triangles of different sizes.

What intimidated me about this one?

There were some math issues. And I think at one time I contemplated making it king size. But, I talked to my sister-in-law and asked her, “If someone, maybe, was thinking about possibly making you a quilt, what size would you like.” She, very kindly, responded that a cuddle quilt for two would be perfect.

So, here we go. I want to have it finished by the end of May. Shouldn’t be a problem, provided I don’t allow myself to be intimidated or distracted any more. I saw that smile.  What, has nothing of the sort NEVER happened to you?

9 thoughts on “Another UFO, Only Two Years This TIme

  1. I haven’t been quilting long enough to have a WIP two years old, but I’m getting enough WIPs that there will definitely be some older than that someday! Why don’t I finish my quilts BEFORE moving on to the next one??? :/

  2. Haha! I pulled out a four-year-old UFO that had totally intimidated me at the time, only to find that those four years had served me well, and I kicked that UFOs butt! Looking forward to seeing a finished top by May’s end! 🙂

  3. surely you jest!!! i have half a dozen UFOs that intimidate me or possibly and i say possibly with a wink–they might be done by go to it gal!!!! you can do it..i have just finished my 5th UFO this year —you know they had to be almost done to get that many done with the other ones i have made from scratch—and on my 6th…that was my resolution —6 of them done this year and i am almost there…so go for it..i love the idea of different size half squares..i sure hope you will show us how you are doing this one..i love half squares…from what i can see i like the colors…

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