Scrappy Sew-in

Last night for the Friday Night Sew-in I worked on scrappy projects.

I cut scraps, but didn’t take a picture of my little piles.  It is amazing how much scrap gets cut by working for 10-15 minutes a day.  Enough to keep me in prepared fabric for my other projects.

The new 100-patch quilt is coming along.  This is block 8-of-16. The future owner mentioned that he likes blue a lot, so I have tried to include some extra blue in the blocks and hope it gives the whole thing a blu-ish cast without screaming “I am a blue quilt.”

And there was some work on a quilt I am pattern testing for Emily.  As I needed to use what I had on hand, it will be a bit scrappier than hers, but it is going well so far.  I have had that leaf print for a while and was just waiting for the perfect project.  Well, here it is.

So, another FNSI has come and gone.  How long until June? I really do look forward to them that much, as silly as it might sound.  Thanks, as always, to our lovely hostesses, who give us support, encouragement and an excuse to sew the evening away.

6 thoughts on “Scrappy Sew-in

  1. i really like the 100 patch with the blues predominating..and i like the pattern you are doing for emily…the colors are great and i like the leaf pattern print..brings it all together…for FNSI i cut yesterday afternoon..did a little bit of sewing but mostly cut so got quite a bit you say you can get a lot of cutting especially squares in just a little while…thanks for showing us the progress on those…

    p.s. from an old person i can tell you june fnsi will be here before you know it!!!!! time goes soooo fast the older you get…

  2. It doesn’t sound silly at all! It’s like going to the soda fountain for a treat, only you are getting your treat at the sewing machine instead!

  3. I love blue too, so I really love that 100-patch! I look forward to these FNSI’s alot as well. I tell my family and my dear husband takes the kids out for the evening. It’s such a novelty to have a quiet house for a few hours, with no distractions and to just be able to sew.

  4. The 100-patch quilt is going to be great. Your piecing always looks so perfect.

  5. I missed this months sew-in. It’s our first long weekend here in Canada and the weather is great. Much planting and yard work to do along with staining the deck and hailing a BBQ as well. I miss my machine!

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