Squaring Up

Squaring up half-square triangles is not my favorite part of quilting.

But, it definitely makes a difference in the quality of the finished product.  These blocks are another part of the quilt I worked on Friday night.

It is coming along.  I promised the designer I would do my best to have the top finished by June 1.  That makes two quilts to finish this month, and I haven’t touched the Brother Quilt since I last mentioned it.  Hmmm…better hope for some serious sewing time soon.

7 thoughts on “Squaring Up

  1. I try to square up as I go along, because there’s nothing worse than a huge pile of things needing careful squaring! You keep posting intriguing bits!

  2. not my favorite part either but i love half squares…you can do so many things with them—make up so many different patterns using them…and i do love that leaf fabric..that print…i would like to see the finished product when it is done…you’ll get brother’s quilt done..i know you!!!!

  3. Oh, but you’ve got me waiting – not so patiently – to see the finished quilt! I am loving the colors and what you’re sharing thus far. If you were closer, I would come tend to the things you need tended to so you could sew just so you would get done faster.

  4. My early piecing education was watching Eleanor Burns on her Quilt-in-a-Day TV show. She stressed squaring up, so I learned to do it early on

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