Funny You Should Mention That, or, The Debut Of Sparkle Jane

It is true that this blog has a lot of posts involving Daughter, that wonderfully fun 12-year-old quilter.

And, I love to talk about her quilts, too.  Here are a couple of the lastest finishes.

Julie mentioned it specifically: I think she may need her own blog with all the posts she gets on yours!

Well, the blog project was already in the works, but we’ll call this the official debut.

Daughter now has her own blog:

Stop by and give her a warm welcome.  Maybe even sign up as a follower. I can’t promise that I won’t write about her any more, but she now has the chance to write about herself.

9 thoughts on “Funny You Should Mention That, or, The Debut Of Sparkle Jane

  1. how wonderful!!!! and i love both those quilts..that is one of my favorite patterns…i will soon be a follower…just give me a minute!!!! and you keep right on telling us all about her and her projects…

  2. Already a follower! =) Saw those quilts on her blog and thought they were wonderful! Looking forward to seeing your current project, too.

  3. As soon as I work out my computer issues I’ll be there! You know how I feel about scrap quilts-Love them more than Any other! That quilt would be perfect as an autograph quilt.

  4. I’m really excited for her. I’ve been and had a read and signed up as a follower. It will be great to follow her amazing, exciting journey through her blog. You’ve got one great young lady there in Miss Sparkle Jane. I love her snowball quilts.

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