Quilting and Memorial Day

Charitable quilting for soldiers in the United States has a long history going back to at least the Civil War.  The current Quilts of Valor (QOV) project is a contemporary and worthy example.

I made a quilt for a similar project, Home of the Brave, where the quilt is donated to the family of soldiers that have actually died in combat.  My quilt was not to the official pattern, but was accepted. 


I don’t have any pictures of it finished to share.

I repeated the soldier’s name over many times as I stitched and hand-quilted the entire quilt.  Handing it to the mother of the soldier was one of the hardest things I have ever done.  Hopefully it brings her some small measure of comfort. 

I am so grateful for the sacrifice of soldiers and their families and the need for quilts is great, but it will be a while before I work myself up to do that again.  It is a goal for next year. 

Have a peaceful and blessed Memorial Day. Where ever you are, it is likely that directly or indirectly you owe some of the peace and freedom you enjoy to an American soldier.

8 thoughts on “Quilting and Memorial Day

  1. i owe ALL my peace and freedom to my 5 uncles, my brother, my grandson and my grand daughter who served in the military some of them retiring from there after years of service to our country…they fought to give you and i all the freedoms we enjoy on this Memorial Day or as my mother called it Decoration Day…that is a beautiful quilt..i have always said i wanted to make one and i think that will be a project for me this coming year..thanks for inspiring all of us to do better than we have in the past for our military…

  2. Thank you for your contribution. Every single one comforts someone who needs it. I’m so grateful to those who serve in all the branches of the military.

  3. This is beautiful quilt! There are no words to expaline what it stands for. I’m sure the family will charish it for a long time to come. My father was on a battleship off the coast of Normandy when the beach was attacked, my daughter’s brother-in-law, TJ, was in Afganistain and got a medical discharged when he received a head wound. He is the proud recipiant of a QOV quilt which he prizes.

  4. Great post, Deanna!! Wow, I would think that was really tough handing the quilt to the Mom!! But the quilt is beautiful and I bet it was gorgeous when you got it all quilted!! Thank you so much for making a quilt for her!! Happy Memorial Day!! Kris

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