A Small Finish, Thanks To Joanne

Joanne at Thread Head posted the Friendship Mini Sampler quilt about the same time I was doing All Small Week.


The look is a little different because I have been using a lot of white or nearly white background and this is all prints.  But, the more I look at it the less that bothers me.  The fabrics are all leftovers from a quilt I made two years ago that is languishing in the tops-to-quilt pile.  I LOVE THE FABRICS!  I do have one more mini-project, or maybe two, to make with the very last tiny pieces.

It took me a while to finish because I decided to hand quilt it and sort of got distracted. No particular pattern, I just quilted until it seemed finished.  My handquilting is decidedly rusty, but improved as I went along.  If you don’t look too close.

And, it is now finished and set aside.  With a matching pincushion.

What for?  Don’t know, but it will be fun to find out!

11 thoughts on “A Small Finish, Thanks To Joanne

  1. that is so pretty–the colors look so good together.. and i think your quilting looks neat..i cannot imagine what mine would look like now as i haven;t done any for a few years..i love the colors..and i love the pincushion..that button just sets it off..thanks for showing us these things and inspiring us to get busy…

  2. It is different, but sometimes it’s good to get out of our familiar rut, isn’t it? It turned out wonderful, and I love the matching pincushion idea. Your quilting look fine to me, evenly spaced and that’s the important part. Great finish!

    1. Quilts and the underground railroad is an item of considerable historial controversy.� It has been stated that quilts were used, but, to the best of my knowledge, not a single physical example or diary entry or any similar artifact exists that would support the claim.� It is a nice idea, but other than a few books, all referencing each other, and oral histories…well, you get the idea.� I wish it were true, but I am not at all certain it is.� If you research it I would love to hear what you find.

  3. I love the look of the hand quilting. And I don’t think you could have found a better button for the pin cushion! Thanks for sharing.

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