Test Quilt Top Complete, With A Bonus!

When Emily asked me to test her latest pattern, I was immediately interested.  After all, she designed Harvest Sky, one of my favorite patterns.

I dug through fabric on hand and came up with a sufficient quantity and started sewing. 

Row quilt!  YAY!

Along the way there were some bonus half-square triangles that created this charming pillow. 

I have a back and binding and will be quilting this one myself. 

Emily is doing final proof on the pattern now, and it will be published and available to you soon. 

It is called This and That.  Watch for it.  You will like it!

17 thoughts on “Test Quilt Top Complete, With A Bonus!

  1. Normally not a fan of row quilts, but the pattern and the fabrics you used work together to make a beautiful fall-looking quilt! Perfect pillow to go with it, too!

  2. i love that…that leaf fabric is just perfect for it but the thing that really fascinates me is the row of 3D looking pinwheels..what a clever idea…and the pillow is perfect for it..i like to use leftover half squares for all kinds of things..you did a great job..i know Em will be pleased with how it turned out..the name is perfect for it..

  3. I absolutely love this pattern. I have been waiting for something to ‘speak to me’ This not only does that, it shouts to me! I’m so excited for the release of the pattern. I’ll be sorting through fabrics this evening in anticipation!

  4. That turned out so pretty of course I’ve loved it from when you first gave us a peek of it. That leaf fabric is such a great inspiration piece – I really like the colors you were able to pull from it. I like the variety in the rows too!

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