It’s MINI!

It wasn’t a very promising start, just a bunch of bonus/waste triangles from a quilt top I finished a few years ago (still waiting for quilting).

But, with my new-found devotion to squaring up, and a certain amount of obsessive/compulsive thinking that sometimes worries my husband, it turned into what I think might be the closest thing to a mini quilt I will ever make.

It is 14-1/4″ square and contains over 280 pieces. 

I like the scale.  And the colors.  And the quilting. And the layout (Thanks to Lee for the idea  HERE). 

Yep!  I like this mini quilt.  But, it pretty much qualifies as a useless quilted object.  Maybe a wall hanging?  Maybe….what would you do with it?

33 thoughts on “It’s MINI!

  1. this would make a great table topper for a wee table or the top of a short bookshelf…also this would be quite nice for a doll lovie…for a child who knows quality and workmanship of course…:)

  2. I hung a bunch of my smaller quilts in our back porch…a kind of “gallery” as one enters the house. Your quilt is very nicely done and as you said, nice color combinations.

  3. i would use it for the center of my table…i love the colors and the idea…i have hundreds of those as i cannot throw them out..i will have to get them out one of these days and see if i can;t figure out a pattern to use them all..i like wall hangings too so start a collection of them …hang them on the wall as you go down the stairs..have a collection of them there..beautiful!!!

  4. Doll quilt, table topper, wall hanging. Or you could turn it into a pillow front. Or use it any where you would a wreath, like on the front door.

    Whatever you do with it, it is very pretty!

  5. I believe it provided hours of fun; you probably smiled while working on it; your heart was singing therefore not useless. 🙂 It would be an adorable tabletopper however if you don’t think you can use it then give it to a friend as a random act of kindness.

  6. I can’t make mini’s either. I love them, but I always want to make them bigger. 🙂 Love the colors and design in yours. I think it would brighten up any room – maybe on a nightstand or in a small wall space.

  7. Oh my word! Don’t you DARE call it useless!!! It brought a smile to my face this morning! =D I would hang it on the wall so that others can see how pretty it is, too! I love the design, the colors . . . everything! =D

  8. I love miniatures and I love using up scraps–especially when they end up looking designed. And yours does look designed! (A speaker in a quilt guild I used to attend said once, “You pay $7.95 [insert current price] for your scraps too.)

  9. I think that would make a great wall-hanging. Though I like what others were saying about putting it on a table. Maybe as a mat for a vase of flowers?

  10. Table topper, definitely! Put a pretty flower vase or bowl in the middle and what a great decorative statement it makes! Love your work.

  11. Useless? Oh heck no! THAT much work deserves a great looking frame and glass in front of it hanging on a wall somewhere. It’s awesome.

  12. Ah, yet another idea of yours for me to “steal.” I am just finishing up another postage stamp quilt that will have 24 36-patch blocks made from 1.5″ squares. I’ll be posting a pic when it’s done. I also made a top from 2″ squares and HSTs – a technique I picked up from a book I borrowed from my guild. It’s on my blog.

  13. If the big quilt top is as pretty as this mini, get it quilted quick. Your mini is just beautiful and if you really can’t find some use for it, you could always put it in an envelope and address it to me in Australia (wink, wink). You could hang it on a wall with other minis, you’ll have to make more, and make a nice feature space on the wall. Use it as a table centre, bedside chest topper, on the kitchen bench with a bowl of fruit on it. I am sure you can come up with loads of places in the house for it.

    1. The half square triangles squared up to 1-3/4″, so they finish at (don’t cringe or laugh) 1-1/4″.� The total quilt has approximately 280 pieces in 14-1/4 inches square.� The ugly truth is that the exposed area of each triangle is under 3/4″.� Yep, just a little obsessive, but I still love it and am trying to figure out what to do with it.� And planning a quilt/tutorial for a bed sized object starting with squares of a much more sane size. 🙂 � Deanna.


  14. I would hang it in my craft room or use it as a table topper on my craft table. I’ve also seen mini quilts hanging on walls in dollhouses – so cute! Nice work!

  15. It is darling. I’d use it as a table topper. I have a table made with the base of a Singer treddle sewing machine. I have a small topper on it along with 3 different sizes of jars of buttons. It’s a cute decoration.

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