More Fabric In The Shape Of

My friend Kathi offered me this tunic top.  I had admired the fabric once, and still liked it a lot. 

But, it didn’t really fit Daughter.

Time to do some scissors alterations. I cut the top right at the seam where the bodice met the bottom section.  There was a button there, but I sewed it shut and cut the button off.

In my “big pile of junk” was some gauzy fabric with lace inserts that would make a better lining.  I don’t know what it was intended to be originally–maybe curtain panels?

In less than two hours work, that unusable tunic became this (if I do say so myself) DARLING skirt for Daughter.  She is always worried when I go to work on a remodeling project.  I need to be better at explaining “the vision” of where an outfit is heading.

But she is happy with the results and makes my work look good.  Yay for a new summer outfit!

10 thoughts on “More Fabric In The Shape Of

  1. cute as it can be!!!!! i would not be able to see that in that tunic…you are so clever with redos…..and it is also nice that you have such a pretty model..

  2. Wow, you are so creative! I love the skirt and it looks great on Ms Jane. Loved the pink pearl necklace with it, too. Now what are you doing with the fabric in the top part? =)

  3. She should know by now that you’re going to turn out something gorgeous.

  4. I agree with Lillian. And I love the way the lining that you chose echoes the original tunic top, with its lacy insets.

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