And That’s That!

The This and That top is a quilt!

I did a little more experimental quilting in the pieced blocks.  Don’t laugh, you real quilters. The old Pfaff 130 and I are branching out.  A little.

So, this quilt is  now on the foot of my bed.  Yes, the bed I actually sleep in.  We’ll see what Husband says.  But, I kind of like the way it looks there.  If it gets to stay, I’ll share more pictures later.

The pattern is not yet available from Aunt Em’s, but as soon as it is, I will let you know.  If you have ever had a desire to do a row quilt, or maybe a group project of some kind, this might be just the pattern for you.

NOTE:  Several people have asked about the leaf fabric. On the selvedge that I have it says:  Pattern # 5931 Blank Quilting 2010

14 thoughts on “And That’s That!

  1. i absolutely love this quilt…the colors are makes me think of the southwest yet it really isn;t southwest colors..and i really like the curved sets it off so well..i hope you get to keep it on the foot of your bed…

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