It’s Staying!

Husband got a little chilly Monday night and pulled the This and That quilt from where I had casually laid it at the foot of the bed up over himself to keep warm.  It’s now a used quilt, right? And that means it gets to stay. Right?

“The room looks a little eclectic,” he said.

Well, what does he expect?!  A quilter with a very small budget lives here. 

The white bedspread is our standard summer fare.  During the winter it is a down comforter with a sort of tannish-gold duvet.

The center pillow with half-square triangles is the one I made with the bonus pieces from the quilt.  The others are covered with fabric on hand that I “inherited” from some kind person–not quilting fabric.  Almost a canvas.

The curtain panels were already here and the valances are another inexpensive sort-of-match.  It isn’t what I might have if I had a million dollars, but, as I don’t have a million dollars, it is at least  a fresh look.

And, another quilt has worked its way into our home. That makes, let’s see, four throw-size-or-larger quilts.  Hmm…the dire prediction that the whole place might someday disappear beneath a pile of quilts is on its way to coming true.

12 thoughts on “It’s Staying!

  1. what a beautiful room and i love the it handcrafted??? having been married to a woodworker for so many years of course i would notice that!!! i love the whole look of the peaceful and restful looking..i’m glad husband enjoyed the quilt and glad it gets to stay!!!

  2. Love to have a quilt at the bottom of the bed to pull up during a chilly night. A home knee deep in quilts sounds perfect to me. It’s not about what you have but what you do with what you have——I think you pass that test with flying colors.

  3. Most fortunate of men to have a wife who can take disparate things and put them together into such a coordinated-looking whole! I think it’s already a million-dollar-looking room.

  4. oh yes, you have to keep it now, but then again, I have heard you can’t give a way a quilt without sleeping under it first. or was that referring to a wedding quilt. a happily married couple must sleep under it before giving it to the newly weds. It will then help to ensure a happy marriage to the newlyweds. Either way, I usually sleep under a quilt at least once before giving it away.

  5. So beautiful , wow your quilting how it all comes together the design with the room and colors thanx for showing us renee by

  6. Hey Love the quilt. Isn’t there a rule in stores you break it you buy it??? So for quilts you hug it you keep it….

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