It’s Friday, And That Means…

Yes, it is Friday and a special Friday at that.  It is the Friday Night Sew-in.

Handmade by Heidi

What will I be working on?

Well, what I SHOULD work on is this…

But, I find myself suddenly distracted by this…

And there is always this…

So, what will you be working on?  Come on!  It’s Friday, after all.  Reward yourself!

5 thoughts on “It’s Friday, And That Means…

  1. After a church friend’s 75th birthday celebration, I will come home and work on stitching two things that are behind – embroidery for me tonight! I wonder what you will decide on and show tomorrow.

  2. i NEVER sew at night but tonight to reward myself for getting my 3rd room cleaned this week—trying to beat summer with my spring cleaning—i am going to work on my 100 patch!!!! looks like you have several fun things to work on..i will be waiting to see what you decide and maybe tomorrow i will have a 100 patch block all done!!!!

  3. I wish I could be sewing with the Friday Night Sew-in but tonight I will be prepping potato salad for 50 so I can mix it all together in the morning. Sewing will have to wait until next week. Be sure and share what you get done.

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