Quilting Crosses Boundaries–A Show And Tell

Birgit of Patchcom has been quilting up a storm.  She is part of a patch (postage stamp or charm) exchange group and has created both a modified 100-patch quilt (This one used 2-1/2″ squares)…

AND a Fading Charms quilt.

Amazing!  I love Google Translate as my one year of German is very rusty.  But, quilting crosses all boundaries.  A large smile and “I love it!” can be understood is any language.

So, Birgit, thank you (Danke, Gracias) for sharing your quilts.  They are beautiful (schOn, hermosa). 

PS–You can find the patterns/tutorials for both quilts in the TUTORIALS section above.  Enjoy!

7 thoughts on “Quilting Crosses Boundaries–A Show And Tell

  1. Every time I see that Fading Charms quilt (regardless of who’s done it) I’m more and more convinced that it’s the perfect quilt pattern to use for Ellie’s year of fabrics! If I’ve done my math correctly (from your tutorial for it) I need 664 squares for the colored blocks and 182 squares of the background fabric, right? Will 52 different fabrics be enough variety? That will give me about 12 to 13 squares from each different fabric we’ve got on hand. Thank you!!! 🙂

    1. This quilt uses a deceptively large number of squares. It tricked me on the first try. You need 846 colored squares and 64 background squares (in the outer, alternating row). Yep, it is a lot of squares, but with 52 different fabrics I think it would look great. That would mean 16 or 17 squares of each fabric. But, when you think about it, each squares will only appear twice in the center. I don’t think it will look anything less than perfect for that Ellie girl’s quilt.

  2. Thanks for your post and again thanks for your ideas – I will show both tops at our next Black Forest Quilt Guild meeting on friday and will tell the girls where I got the pattern from.

  3. Those are both so gorgeous. Makes me want to work on mine today, and I might have a little bit of time to do it. I hope!

  4. i love them both…my fading charms is at the quilter’s right now and i have just completed my 12th hundred patch block and ready to put the borders on the blocks..i love both these patterns..my hundred patch is 2″ and my fading charms is 2.5″…i will have trouble parting with either one of them..

  5. Thanks for showing us Birgit’s quilt! It is beautiful. And it is nice to have more ideas for those of us who don’t have enough charm squares to make a quilt entirely out of charm squares.

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