Agricultural Efforts

We have a regular garden, or at least regular for the Western United States:  peas, beans, tomatoes, carrots…

But, because of the agricultural efforts of my children, we also raise a few more unusual crops.

A lemon tree that bears lemons and has for three years.

Since that was so successful, nothing to do but start a few more.

Also, avocados.

And, since that appeared to be going fairly well, nothing to do but start a few pineapple.  This one is just about ready to plant.

It is a regular greenhouse around here!

But, my most important crop will always be my children.

8 thoughts on “Agricultural Efforts

  1. you are the best ‘farmers’ as far as children go…you are very successful that way!!! congratulations!!!

  2. That is wonderful. I have found out how wonderful lemons really are and wish we could have one all year round. I think we will have to try! With the green thumbs there you should have good luck with the pineapple and avocado.

  3. I’ve wanted to raise edible plants for years, but as I think I had mentioned to Sparkle Jane not long ago, I keep living in apartments without access to a garden. This apartment has a back porch, though, and so by next planting season I ought to be able to get some tote bins filled with dirt so that I can plant a couple of things, at least. I’ve had my heart set on tomato plants for a while (I don’t like tomatoes, but my roommate does, so she’ll get to eat them all), and a couple of varieties of herbs.

    And being a tea-fiend, I also dream of growing my own tea someday, too! I wonder how well it would grow here…

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