Quick Brother Quilt Update

Well, the Brother Quilt is quilted. Not the best job of quilting I have ever done, but it is OK.

I nearly lost it last night (Tuesday) when I realized, after stretching the back and laying out the batting, that the back was about 4″ short each way. Arrgh! That is not a nice thing to realize. This is why I should measure. Everything. Twice. Not just think I know what I am doing.

Anyway, the quilt is ready for binding. I selected a fabric and set it out so I could see how I feel in the morning.

Pictures soon, but it is 11pm here and I need to go to bed.  I really hope to share pictures Saturday, when I REALLY hope to be able to say it is complete.

PS–If you are the praying type, or even if you aren’t typically and are willing to give it a try, please pray for the Western United States. We are all on fire here. Nothing very close to my house, but many people I know are affected. Hot. Dry. Windy. GRIM!

5 thoughts on “Quick Brother Quilt Update

  1. i am a pray-er and i have been praying…i do not know anyone personally who is near one of the big fires but my kids in flagstaff got a bit of a scare a couple of weeks ago…but the fire was caught in time..i do not wish anybody floods but a good rain would really help..

    what did you do about the batting being too small?? i have had that happen to me on a couple of occasions—usually with a smaller quilt–baby or laprobe so i pieced the batting but don;t know if i would want to do that with a large quilt..i can hardly wait to see the finished quilt and i know you will be done by the weekend..i really do like it and love the pattern..

  2. I have been praying, too. I can only imagine the horror. It’s too bad some of the rains from Debby couldn’t be diverted to the west. Can’t wait to see your fnished quilt!!

  3. It’ll be wonderful and I can’t wait for the unveiling! We’ve been in prayer. My in laws were evacuated from the NM fire and and aunt and uncle have been evacuated from the Colorado fire for over 3 weeks now. My in-laws are back in there home, but over 200 homes were lost here too. Prayers for rain and for safety for all affected by and fighting these fires.

  4. So glad to hear you are almost done with that beautiful triangle quilt! I keep hearing the news of all the fires, and havefunquilting.blogspot.com has a project going for people burned out in the Wood Hollow fire. She was evacuated, but is safely returned now. I saw the aftereffects of several Arizona wildfires in years past, especially where two big ones came together to be really huge and burned so much of northern Arizona. This year, it’s happening again, and it’s bigger than the size of the city of Phoenix, which is huge! I don’t know if any state is untouched in the intermountain area, is it?

  5. Praying for those who lost so much and for those fighting for things that don’t belong to them and are willing to put they’re lives on the line. Also love the quilts and baby books.

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