Sixteen Out Of Sixteen

A while ago I mentioned that I had been asked to build a friend a queen size 100-patch quilt.  It would take 16 blocks.

The 16 blocks are done.

Plus the outer border for each block.  Let’s see….that is 1600 2-inch squares for the blocks. Each border uses more than you would think at 52.  So, that means 832 for the borders.  Plus the 1600…Oh. My. Goodness. 2432 in all!  That is a lot of 2-inch squares.

So, I still have quite a long ways to go.  But, I’m getting there.

14 thoughts on “Sixteen Out Of Sixteen

  1. Pretty blocks! It doesn’t seem like so many squares when you’re chain piecing, does it? It sure does sound impressive when you tell someone how many pieces you sewn!

  2. Are you sure you wanted to count and know how many squares that took? =) It seems the hard part is finished, but maybe it’s just started!

  3. Oh my, that’s a lot of scrap squares. Hope you have a bood scrap basket to work from. I made a quilt to honor the year 2000 with exactly 2000 pieces, can’t hold a candle to yours.

  4. i really like this pattern and have the squares of 100 done but that is as far as i have gotten…but i do want to finish it later this summer..i am really in love with the postage stamp/charm quilts….they are fun to make and since i love to cut–they are fun to cut..will be watching to see how yours turns out completed…won;t be long now…mine is not going to be that big..

  5. Wow–that’s a lot of seams to match! It looks wonderfully scrappy so far. 🙂 I’m wondering, do you control the scrappiness or just pick a bunch and sew them up?

  6. Wow!!! a whole lot of 2″ squares there. I am slowly cutting mine but it certainly won’t be 2432. Oh! that makes my head hurt to think of that many.
    I really do admire your commitment.

  7. I like to work with 2 inch squares, but that’s way too many for me. The quilt is going to be wonderful.

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