5 thoughts on “Quilt Contemplation

  1. Just read Sparkle Jane’s post. This last one turned out beautifully! She’s doing amazing work. My 4 year old loves taking my scraps and doing all kinds of things with them. I’m really hoping she loves sewing as much as Sparkle Jane does.

  2. Love the relationship you two have developed around quilting, and I know it was a good one before that. A good friend here became a better friend as we shared life over quilting projects. =)

  3. it is beautiful and i love the colors..such an eye for color she has—gets that from her mom…my daughter and grand daughter would love to know how to sew and piece quilts but they want to KNOW–not LEARN and they would be the first to tell you that..it is not their thing..so they have me make quilts and all the other pieced things they love..

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