Whew! Finished! Just Under The Wire

The Brotherly Love quilt is finished.  And, just under the wire.

I put in the last stitch about 11pm on Friday (June 29).

It is a simple, knock-around couch quilt for my brother and his family.  Four children.  WONDERFUL wife.  At 56″ x 80″ it should be large enough for a few at a time to cuddle on the couch. Or a picnic quilt.  Or for cats (who sneak into picture sessions).

Tutorial coming soon.  It isn’t hard.  Don’t let the triangles scare you!

This goes in my Christmas stack, which now has eleven items in it.  Thanks to Darlene and Cheryl for their nags nudges that encourage us to get a few things done during the year so the holiday season is more enjoyable for all.

Now, what shall I do for July?

15 thoughts on “Whew! Finished! Just Under The Wire

  1. Very nice! Am looking forward to the tutorial. This looks like a good one to make for one of the grandkids!

  2. “What shall i do for july”???? is that what i heard you say??? i bet you have a dozen things running around in your mind!!! i love this quilt and can hardly wait for the tutorial…halfsquares have always been a favorite of mine and i love the scrappy look…your brother and family will love it and enjoy it for a long time..

  3. Great finish, and in a month? I am betting there will be lots of snuggling under that quilt. Those hst are so effective in this pattern, and I love the two sizes, I am eagerly awaiting the tutorial 🙂

  4. What a great quilt! I am excted for the tutorial, I enjoy HST’s and your layout is something I would like to try. Your brother and his family will love it.

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