Adding To The Show-And-Tell Gallery

Many people have kindly shared recent finishes with me.  It is exciting to see so many beautiful projects out there.

Here is Pat’s version of String Twist.  I believe she has started a second one, too.  She said, ” I had great fun with this pattern.  That’s on a queen size bed so it’s a little bigger quilt than I usually make for charity – I think next time I’ll do 3×4.  Great pattern for strips and scraps, great tutorial! 😀

Kristina created this 100-patch variation for her grandfather, and said:

My name is Kristina Callison (if I posted as “skutovr” ) and I’m in Holton, Kansas.  Small confession… I got rushed to complete the top and ran out of unique 2″ charms so I substituted the white strips in the outer borders. But now I LOVE the secondary pattern that created. Who doesn’t love happy accidents? Right?  Thanks for you gracious praise. I’m very happy with it. 

And, Karin made loads of potholders.  Here are a few of them.

Please, keep those pictures coming.  If you would like to make your own, check out TUTORIALS above. I love to see what you are up to!

5 thoughts on “Adding To The Show-And-Tell Gallery

  1. Wow!!! You three are so good. Love the quilts and potholders and great is the selection of color. Would love the patterns so I could try and see what I can do!!!

  2. your tutorials are great and here is proof of it..i still haven;t made the potholders but intend to for Christmas gifts, love the string twist with the blue and fully intend to make one only i think mine will have green since i have so much of it..and isn’t it beautiful the way Kristina’s hundred patch turned out..??? how clever…yes, we quilters know how to make do..thanks for showing us those…

  3. How exciting to see those finishes, and I, too, love the secondary design that was created by happy accident. I can’t imagine running out of charms, though. I’ve been trying to do that forever! LOL

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