That Daughter Is A Busy Girl

Sparkle Jane is creating a lot of new quilts restock her inventory and to prepare for the Farmer/Artist Market that opens locally this Saturday.

Here are two recent finishes, and there are three more coming.  That girl is flashing needles!

Saturday will be HOT!  I hope people are still in the mood for quilts.

8 thoughts on “That Daughter Is A Busy Girl

  1. she is so talented!!! i hope seeing a quilt will remind people there will be cooler days ahead..i’m sure she will do well…love both of them but the top one is gorgeous..i love the scrappy look…she has certainly got an eye for color and placement as seen in the red/white one…i hope she passes out flyers giving her blog address …..

  2. Beautiful fabric choices. I especially like the square within a square design. Weather should not have any effect on the appreciation of such beauty.

  3. When you don’t get to sew, you could use the excuse that Ms Overachiever is using your machine. =) I love all the new quilts she has posted.

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