A Short Sew-In

My Friday Night Sew-in was very short.  Four completed seams.  That is all!


Not even enough to take a picture of.

I couldn’t stay up late because we were headed to the Farmer/Art Market on Saturday morning early so Sparkle Jane could share her quilts.

It was a great day for her.  She sold three quilts and a pile of pincushions.  As the booth fee is only $5 for children, it was well worth the time spent.

So, she is relaxing after her big day by…stitching the binding on another quilt.  Funny girl!

I am  hoping for a little sewing time tonight.  Just weeding, bread making, ironing and a Sunday School lesson standing in the way.

7 thoughts on “A Short Sew-In

  1. Let me shorten that list for you. The weeds need to grow bigger so they are easier to pull, so skip those. Ironing for church, just touch up collars and sleeves, other ironing can wait. Bread – well, not much you can do about that, but make a double batch and you’ll be able to skip the next one. =) Sunday School lesson – think about parts of it as you sew!

    Love that Ms Sparkle made money this morning for her savings account!

  2. what a neat display at the market and i can believe she sold a pile of pincushions..they are so neat…i love mine and am getting my list ready for her..never apologize for ‘ four completed seams’..that was 4 more than you had done and 4 more than a lot of us did…i still have a little bit of cutting to do and i can start taking some seams..you have done a good day’s work already…

  3. Good on Miss Sparkle Jane, time well spent. 4 seams are definately better than none. My big sisters and little sisters are playing nicely with me to-day. Hoping to get it pieced together so I can quilt it this afternoon after hubby goes back to Sydney. I also want to get the quilt for Phoenix Quilts quilted. Lucky I don’t work again till Wed, so I’ll be in the shed happily quilting away.

  4. That’s a nice setup that Sparkle Jane has. Glad she had good results from all of the time spent at the market.

  5. Congratulations to Sparkle Jane on her successful weekend! Sounds as if she is taking the world by storm and putting all of us to shame! What a great booth! She’s going to need her own stash now you know!

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