Assembly Time

After several days of little to no sewing, Monday brought relief.  With all that is going on in our lives, I really needed some time to stitch those frayed mental edges together.

The nice thing about sewing for therapy is that it produces results.  In this case it produced the final stages of the 100-patch quilt.  Sixteen finished blocks.

Somehow I always forget how big a BIG quilt really is.  This one will finish at 99-inches square.  It fills a room. The outer sashing is cut.  It is assembly time.

Thank you for your support of my nephew, “Fisher,”  in his struggle. (see previous post) Prayers are appreciated as much as fabric.  I will keep you posted on progress with both nephew and quilt.

6 thoughts on “Assembly Time

  1. This is such a striking quilt, love how the white frames the little squares. In 2000 I made a quilt with exactly 2000 pieces to commemorate the millennium. Continued prayers for your nephew.

  2. i’m not quite as far as you —i have the inner borders to put on then the outer rows of squares–but this makes me want to go do that right now..but it will have to wait til tomorrow or later will be gorgeous when you are done..i love big quilts..i am praying for your nephew and hope all things that are being done will produce positive results..

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