Show and Tell From Michelle

Another Sew Small Sampler to feast your eyes on.  I love Michelle’s colors!

This is what she had to say about the project:

I just finished quilting up a Sew Small Sampler quilt, and I’d like to thank you for the tutorial.  I had a lot of fun making it and learned some great lessons along the way – like that if my 1/4″ allowance is off even a hair, the more seams in the block, the bigger it ends up.  I decided to embrace the lost points and just have fun with it!  I also learned that taking a photo of the top before quilting is important – I didn’t notice that I’d missewn my double four patch block until I took a pic of the sandwiched, quilted, and bound quilt.  I’ve looked at the block and the quilt top so many times, and even had my husband look at it, and never saw the glaring error – until it was way too late.  I figure it adds character 🙂

Thank you, Michelle, for sharing your wonderful, little quilt.

4 thoughts on “Show and Tell From Michelle

  1. i live near Amish country and they say they always have a mistake in their quilts to show they aren’t perfect!!! and i would not have noticed your ‘glaring error’ had you not pointed it out…it is beautiful..i made one block and decided this was not the quilt for me—tooooo small..but i love it..

    1. Thanks Lillian! Most of the fabrics came from a charm pack I got at Bayside Quilting in Olympia, WA – they make their own charm packs. A few fabrics were from a Riley Blake Farm Fresh charm pack as well.

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