That Is A Substantial Flimsy

The 100-patch top is finished and off to the quilter.

Using 16 blocks instead of the original 12 makes for a quilt 99-inches square.

That is a very large top.  And, due to all the piecing, a surprisingly heavy top.  It was quite a lot to wrestle around.

I hope to have it back, quilted and ready for binding, by the first part of August.

But, in the meantime, I will get on to other things.  There are two different leader-ender quilts in the works, one a new design I am excited to share soon.  Little charm squares.  Again.  I am not bored with them yet. Hopefully you aren’t either.  Looking at a quilt like this, though, it is hard to imagine that I ever will be.

19 thoughts on “That Is A Substantial Flimsy

  1. You are ama-za-zing!!! I love this quilt, too!!! I was just talking with someone about what “flimsy” quilts are and trying to learn about leaders/enders and here you are writing a post using those terms! Anyway, I love this quilt and can’t wait until I have enough 2.5″ charms to make my own! I probably have enough to make a hot pad right now! 🙂

  2. This is so lovely! I can’t blame you for sending it off to be quilted – it would certainly be a behemoth to wrestle through a domestic machine – even if you had adequate throat space. I’m working on a quilt right now that should finish at 96×96, and I’m going to attempt to quilt it myself, but it’s 5″ squares, so it would be a lot easier to do than a 100 patch quilt. I can’t wait to see this when it is finished!

  3. That is hugely beautiful! You are amazing. Everytime I cut a 2″ square to put in the container to make my version, I think ‘do I really want to sew 2″ squares together?’ Then I look at this and it makes me feel that I really do.

  4. i love it…and the stained glass window effect is absolutely beautiful…i am presently putting the row of squares around the inner border on mine which is the regular 3 x 4 block size…i love it..thanks for the great idea and tutorial..keep them coming..

  5. A substantial flimsy? Is that like a jumbo shrimp? I like that pattern very much – you can make it any size for any purpose. Definitely one for the Bucket List.

  6. Love this. I have been sewing my 1.5″ squares into 16p with the intention of making them larger and and sashing — but I couldn’t get the “oomph” I wanted. This may be it. Just lovely — and how fun to get rid of patches. Did you have to cut for this or are these squares you’ve cut as part of your ongoing stash management? I really really like it! Jan

  7. It’s absolutely lovely! I just picked up a monster quilt from my quilter yesterday. These big quilts weight a ton, but I cannot seem to make small quilts. Looking forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve next! 🙂 I have to cook for cowboys for a few days, but I want to work on binding! 🙂

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