9 thoughts on “Why Quilters Should Not Wear Black

  1. makes you wonder if quilter’s should wear anything at all…just kidding I can’t imagine trying to sew in the nude…between the threads from Cotton, the fuzz from Minky, lint from flannel, and bit and pieces from silks, satin, sheers…I’ve killed many a vacuum and use up lint rollers like other use Kleenex…although it worse for my schnauzer Shamus who’s usually laying way too close to me and is liberally coated with castoff thread tails and trimmings…he doesn’t seem to care till I get out the lint roller to tidy him up a bit. 🙂

  2. quilters are who lint rollers were invented for!!! if i didn;t have threads and fuzz stuck to me all the time it wouldn;t be me!!!!!

  3. Any colour attracts it to me. I’m always picking threads off myself and even more embrassing when others do it when I haven’t even been near fabric.

  4. I always sew on Saturday morning and then go out to lunch. I’ve finally realized I have to wait until time to go before putting on my better clothes. The lint rollers do help.

  5. Do you remember your math teacher saying, “Show your work”? So, black clothes show you’ve been work’n!
    Question: How old was Miss Sparkle when you started her sewing? My 7 year old granddaughter is keen to start. Any thoughts? I was in the 4th grade when I made my first garment.

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