It Wasn’t A Star After All

Thank you to all who answered my plea for pattern assistance.  There were several great suggestions, but two of you managed to interpret my description and correctly identify that IT WASN’T A STAR BLOCK AFTER ALL!

Funny how our memory plays tricks on us.

Here is the searched for pattern.  Thanks to Susan at Patchworknplay for the original design.

Susan Snooks

And here is the link to Mishka’s post, including a tutorial:

Yep, I’m feeling pretty silly.  But, the good thing is that if you are looking for a scrappy star project there are several I can now recommend:

Scrap Jar Stars at  This one is now ALSO on my to-do list.

Scrappy Postage Star from the wonderful Emily Bailey (see previous post for more information on her and a pattern GIVEAWAY)

Scrappy Stars (currently being hosted as a quiltalong)

Evening Star Block

Star Lane Block

8 thoughts on “It Wasn’t A Star After All

  1. Your post made me laugh because I am always forgetting where I saw a project, idea, or recipe. I keep thinking I should start a little notebook and just jot down websites when I seem them——-but I can’t even remember to do that. I think it is called internet idea overload..

  2. as much as i love half squares and stars i like this pattern best and that is going to be one of my projects…i think i found every one of those scrappy star patterns you for putting this on for my favorites i have ‘quilting ideas’ and i must have 500 of them of these days i want to go thru and delete a bunch of them…but i love looking at them..

  3. Glad someone found this patter for you. I love scrappy and will have this one on my list. Currently working on the scrappy Carpenter’s star. Love having it on my wall and seeing the pattern come alive.

  4. Oh wow! That’s MY quilt!!! Michele saw it on my blog ages ago!!!! If you’d like more help with measurements please let me know!!!!

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