Mystery Fish

***MYSTERY SOLVED:  Thank you, Esther, for the wonderful fabric***

Ah, the fish fabric is swimming my way.  So many pretty prints to make a quilt for that Fisher boy.

I try to acknowledge each package as it arrives with an e-mail to the sender.  When we get to mid-August and it is assembly time I will share pictures of the whole pile, plans for any extras and, of course, the finished product.

In the meantime, I have it all neatly stacked, and I enjoy adding to the pile every mail day.

Today my first mystery package arrived.  If you are SAULS from Columbus, OH, would you please let me know?  Your package is here, but I can’t match it up with your e-mail address to send you an acknowledgement. Sorry!  The charms you sent are wonderful.

Thanks to SAULS and all of you that have sent fabric, prayers and good wishes.  Fisher and his parents are hanging on pretty well.  Waiting for appointments with specialists and searching for answers.  I’ll keep you posted on that, too.

One thought on “Mystery Fish

  1. i just knew the quilters would come thru with a boatload of fish for fisher!!!! i know he will love his quilt..what a thoughtful thing to do..children especially like something to hang on to in times of trials as this boy is going through and i know that he will have it with him—maybe just in the back of the car with him or at home folded on his bed but it is going to mean a lot to him…thanks for letting us be a part of it!! and i hope you find SAULS!!!!

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