Mini Hundred Hugs

After a really big finish, like the 100-Patch Quilt, I often seem to have a burst of creative energy directed at something small.

Since first built the  Hundred Hugs Quilt I have thought about how it might look small.  Small as in starting-with-1-1/2″-squares small.  So, it was time to give it a try.

Eeeep!  Too cute!

If you like “mini” give it a try.  I’ll be glad to help with the math if you would like. 288 pieces. It finishes at 18-1/2″ square.

Speaking of “mini” and “Hundred Hugs,” here is a picture of those babies at about two weeks old with their Hundred Hugs quilts.  Oh, it does a quilter’s heart good to see quilts doing their job.

10 thoughts on “Mini Hundred Hugs

  1. Thanks for sharing a photo of the babies. They’re gorgeous.
    I really like the mini quilt. The points on your triangles look so crisp.

  2. it does a quilting GRANDMA’s quilting heart good to see her new grandbabies all snuggled under their quilts..what a darling picture.. and i do like the mini 100 hugs..would be a great pad to have in the diaper bag for changing them on…love the colors…

  3. Awww. Too cute with the babies and their quilts! I like how you quilted the mini-quilt on the diagonal. That has a nice look to it.

  4. The babies are adorable. I wonder how hard they had to work to get a picture of both of them sleeping at the same time. =) I love your mini version. I’m not a mini person, as far as sewing, but I do appreciate them hanging on a cute little hanger on the wall!

  5. Your mini is so cute. You really are tempting me to give it a try.
    Oh! those beautiful babies make my heart skip. I will be a Grandma again to another grandaughter early December. Last week I went to the Doctor with DIL (son couldn’t make it) and I got to hear the heartbeat. Truly amazing it was. The end of September she has booked me in to go with her for her ultrasound. So I will get to see the little precious all snug and happy inside. New life and modern technology are amazing. I can’t wait to get time to start her 100 hugs quilt and lots of other pretty pink girly stuff.

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