Sherbet Serves Up Sweet

Here is the finished Sherbet Quilt.  Remember it?  It is the rule-breaking polyester orphan block quilt.  But I still like it.  A lot.

Simple semi-random quilting through the striped blocks.  By the way, I am still searching for more information on those blocks.  They came to me as they are in a scrap bag.  I wish I could thank that unknown quilter for what  she started.

The back is some wild print that matches the colors on the front.  Thank you, Julie.

So, that is the quilt.  It has a home.  Not at my house.  But with me.  At my new job.  Teaching school.

Whew!  What a life change.  More on that next week.

Thank you all for your kind words about this quilt.

LAST MINUTE UPDATE:  A reader mentioned that the original “found” blocks might be the brainchild of Anita Grossman Soloman of  I wrote her and this was her kind reply:

First of all I want you to know that I think your piece is wonderful. I love the range of colors that you chose especially the deep purple that accentuates your arrangement of various sizes.  So interesting compared to same size quilt units. 

What I like about my techniques is that they never show in someone else’s’ quilt. My methods are hidden so to speak. But I am 99.9% sure that your found blocks weren’t derived from one of my techniques. 

I developed a technique for what I call the Xcentric block. Simply put, it is pairs of Quarter Triangle Square blocks made from pairs of identical squares of stripe fabric. One block will be Xcentric, the other Concentric. You don’t show any Xcentric blocks which leads me to believe that your found blocks had been made by selling four triangles together. 

This block technique is in my book Rotary Cutting Revolution. If you’d like you can see me demonstrate the technique to Alex Anderson on the quilt show. Through Wednesday, August 8 only, you can watch the episode, #905, at no charge. Within my   Newsletter  is the link to access the Show.

I thought to share her response with you and let you know I am still searching for an answer on the creation of the original blocks.  In the meantime, Anita’s work is interesting and might help some of you out. DDT.

ANOTHER UPDATE: There are several possibilities for ideas that would allow you to create the stripy blocks.

1. A mini tutorial:

2. Anita Grossman Soloman’s concentric blocks:

3. Mary Mashuta’s Stripes in Quilts:

7 thoughts on “Sherbet Serves Up Sweet

  1. The quilt finished up beautifully. The backing certainly matches the colours in the front. It has a home? not yours? but with you? Whooohoo!!! a new job. Congratulations! The school is lucky to have you on staff.

  2. i love that quilt!!! i don;t care what it is made of it is beautiful!!! wherever it ends up they are so lucky….i would not be able to part with it..the backing is perfect for it…thanks for letting us see the finished quilt ..your talent and eye for color is what makes the quilt!! thanks for letting us know about the demo…i will check that out…

  3. Love your quilting on this one, as it makes the original blocks even more interesting. It will definitely be nice to look up at school and see it there.

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