Thoughts On Change

My blogging will probably slow down for a while.  I have been offered, and have accepted, a full time teaching position, Middle School English, at the school my children attend.  It is a great opportunity and will be a real economic blessing for my family.

We have been without a full-time, regular paycheck type job for about four years.  That is a very long time.

Unfortunately, as I really must sleep occasionally, I will probably not be able to sew as much, at least not at first.

There is a whole notebook of design ideas and quite a stash of fabric that will be waiting until I am able.  It is a good thing fabric is patient.

I hope all of you delightful people will be patient with me, too.  Sewing and quilting are big parts of my life, and I enjoy sharing them with you. Hopefully there will be quality even if not a lot of quantity. The first day of school is August 21.

38 thoughts on “Thoughts On Change

  1. I’m so glad you are able to land a wonderful job like teaching. It is exhausting, though, and totally relate !! Always enjoy your blog and beautiful quilts. God bless your new endeavor. From one teacher to another.

  2. Oh how exciting for you! We’ll be cheering you on and we’ll play nice while you’re away and look forward to posts when you have the time. This will be a wonderful adventure for you! Congratulations!

  3. Good luck in your new endeavor – I am sure you will do great! There is no better position than that of a teacher. The lives you touch (especially at that age) will ALWAYS remember you. We will miss you – but you will be doing something far more important. ENJOY!!!!!

  4. Many blessings on your new endeavor. I am a past educator and I applaud you going into the classroom to make a difference in the lives of those who will soon make major decisions for our world. My words of advice: take time each day to at least admire the beauty of the world around you and that which is hidden in your fabric stash. May peace envelope your classroom.

  5. We do what we have to, when we have to. Good luck on your teaching. And have fun. How cool to mold our youngsters.

  6. Congratulations!! I taught for the last six years my children were in school, and in fact, I taught them (haha–along with about 24 others). It was a private school and it was very nice to be able to spend time with them, ensure they were getting the education they needed (and my husband and I wanted for them), and to earn a bit at the same time! Did you receive the fishy fabric I sent? Hugs and best wishes to you!! 🙂

  7. That’s wonderful news! The middle school years are so interesting (if sometimes challenging) as the students learn to think for themselves and develop their own personalities. We’ll miss your frequent blogging-but we’re a patient group and it will make your entries that much more special. Best wishes in you new endeavor!

  8. Congratulations, Deanna!!! Your students will be so lucky to have you as a teacher! I’m sure you can slip quilting into their lessons somehow! 🙂 Good luck on your new adventure!!!

  9. I’m so happy for you. And, WOW! It’s a day fast approaching! We’re all rooting for you. Next time something this momentous is in the works, let us have the honor of praying for your need. It’s so much fun being a part of your fabric life, keep us in the loop!

  10. Best wishes for a successful school year. Middle school is a tough audience. They will be so lucky to have you teach them. Many good thoughts being sent your way!

  11. Change takes adjusting for sure. I teach 6,7,8 self contain middle school program too! I sew each morning for 15 minutes before I go to work. It is amazing what I can get done during that time too. Just think of all the holidays and weekend sewing adventures you will squeeze in too.

  12. Congratulations! This sounds like a wonderful opportunity. I’m sure once you get into the routine of things, you might surprise yourself by squirreling away little bits of time here and there. Good luck!

  13. “If you want something done, ask a busy person.” Maybe this will hold true for your sewing projects. I enjoy reading about your refashioning and quilt making. It will take some time to get into a routine with your new job and I’ll be here when you get time to blog again.

  14. That’s WONDERFUL news! I’m really pleased for you, and am sure that once you hit your stride with the new job you’ll find time here and there for your sewing if it’s truly important to you.

    Good luck


  15. Oh, Deanna – You are going to love middle school kids!!! I know you are having fun setting up your classroom!! I am very happy for you and your new kids!! Oh, yeah, and I too am glad fabric is so patient!! Congratulations!!!

  16. I’ll be here and checking in with you. I didn’t do any stitching this week as it’s my volunteer week. A full week of cooking and feeding a batch of very hungry runners. They sure can pack in the food after those long runs every day.

  17. Congratulations!! Once you get into the flow of things, I am sure you will be able to schedule in a little sewing time.

  18. Good luck with your new adventure. The students will love you. Fabric will wait until you have time for it. The important part of your life now is to fill those childrens heads and hearts with english studies.

  19. congratulations on your new job!!! and don;t worry about us..we are friends thru thick and thin!! we’ll all be here…and so will all that lovely fabric and those great ideas..methinks you will get more sewing done than you think you will…a few minutes here and there really can add up!!!! your students are sooo lucky to have you…

  20. Congratulations on such a wonderful job offer! Maybe you can convert some of your students to the Ways of Fabric! Live vicariously through them for when you’re too busy to do much sewing yourself!

  21. I will miss the daily inspiration coming from your blog, but the opportunity you have definitely seems too good to pass up! I hope that your transition from quilter to teacher goes smoothly and that you will still manage to carve out a little crafty time for us out here in blogland!

  22. I’ll miss you posting regularly but I know how much this opportunity means to you. I’ll keep an eye out on your blog for inspirations…….Good luck with the children!

  23. Congratulations on the new job. As a former teacher, I can remember how competitive the positions were. It’s a blessing for your family and I know you will find ways to work in your creative talents there. I just dropped in to tell you that you won my Giveaway at for commenting during my Blog-a-Versary. Thanks for being a follower of mine and best of luck with the new job.Marsha

  24. How wonderful for you and for your family. Happy to hear from you whenever you have time.

  25. Today was our 4th day of school and yes, sewing and blogging have gone out the window. My new first-graders are really sweet. I always forget how young they are at the beginning of the year.
    Enjoy your last few days of summer! Happy for the lucky kiddos who will be in your classes.

  26. You will be wonderful. Quilting will be you relaxing time. Enjoy yourself. New adventures are always wonderful! Embrace it! I’m always there!

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