Memory Quilt Update

Well, Husband’s friend has received his quilt.  It was mailed off and we waited to see what would happen.  He called Monday night and talked to Husband for at least an hour.  The conclusion was that the quilt was “spot on.”  I think that means he was pleased.

Several of you had additional questions about the project.

First:  Will you share the pattern or tutorial?

It isn’t my design.  Well, it is my version of a quilt I saw that was designed by Pippa of Pippa’s Patchwork.  This is what she said when I asked what would be right:

Well first of all, your quilt turned out lovely! And I’m flattered that you were inspired by the Sidewalk Quilt. I recently blogged about the quilt ( and it’s actually in my Etsy store! 
In addition, this pattern will be available in my upcoming book called Solids, Stripes, Circles, and Squares, which is being published by Martingale and Co ( this November. It’s not up on their website yet, but will be soon! 

My thanks to Pippa for the inspiration and, while I can’t share specifics, know that I really like the idea for this type of quilt and plan to make future memory quilts with a similar design.

Next:  What is the rest of the story about the train fabric?

It turns out that those trains were meant for a memory quilt all along.  Julie, who traded me the fabric, shared her part of the story:

Now, this story is not a nice story…but has a lot of love in it.  My brother Sam was a huge railroad buff.  He road on trains, and had a huge village of model railroads, many different sizes.  He was 13 months older than I am, so we grew up very closely together.  I bought that fabric to sew a quilt out of his old clothing, as he passed away at age 41.  I loved that fabric, and petted it and loved it, and always wanted to make something to honor him.  Well, it never came to pass, and I was really ready to let it go to someone who could use it.  I am so grateful that you used it…and that it went to where it should go.

The really odd thing is that the box of clothing was postmarked June 3,2012.  The box that the train fabric came in was postmarked June 13, 2012.  Had I started the quilt right away, the trains would have arrived just in time to be added.  As it was they had to wait for me to get myself pulled together and work on the project.

So, that is that.  This is a part of the quilting world I hadn’t visited before, but expect to again.  Have you made memory quilts?  How did it go?  Challenges?  Suggestions?

3 thoughts on “Memory Quilt Update

  1. I have not made a memory quilt, but a friend has made several from t-shirts, usually high-school athletes who wanted something to take to college with them. I do like the original quilt, and I like your version of the memory blocks incorporated. I’m not sure I would have gotten from point A to point B as you did!

  2. i have not made a memory quilt but i did make a relay for life quilt out of relay for life tee shirts…maybe it could be called a memory quilt but it seems to me a memory quilt would incorporate more than just tee of these days i might for someone if they asked..i think it would be so good for someone who is wanting a hug from whoever in their life had passed on….the one you made is really nice and i am sure husband’s friend is feeling great comfort having was a sweet thing to do..

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