Hundred Patch Done

The Hundred Patch Quilt is complete!  There is no feeling quite like the feeling of stitching down those last few inches of binding and being able to say it is really and truly done. I love this quilt!

The quilter did a great job of translating my sketchy ideas into quilting that I LOVE!

The back?  Well, I LOVE IT! It is called CJ5325 “Wing Song” Garden Wall Collection by Laura Gunn for Michael Miller Fabrics LLC.

The size?  HUGE.  About 99″ square.  Plenty for a queen size bed.  I LOVE that.

Yep, there is nothing about this quilt I do not love.  Well, maybe except for the fact that it doesn’t live here.  It is off to live with Peter and Susan who will, hopefully, LOVE it as much as I do.

This makes two Hundred Patch quilts that I have made that do not live at my house.  I told Husband, “I am going to make another one some day, and it is going to stay with me.”  He didn’t argue.

16 thoughts on “Hundred Patch Done

  1. i love it and love the quilting pattern you designed..and the backing is gorgeous!!! i know they are going to love it too.. you and husband deserve one start sewing squares together!!!!!i love mine and have to get it quilted one of these you i will have trouble parting with it so will probably keep it.. thanks for showing us that…makes me want to go sit at my machine and get to sewing.!!!!!

  2. Beautiful! truly stunning. I so love this pattern…….one day….99″…..scares me silly…..I have been cutting 2″ squares just in case. The recipients will love it.

  3. Looks lovely. All your quilts are wonderful, and this one is no exception. I really enjoy seeing your work! Wow!

  4. Hi! Your quilt is amazing! I love all kind of square patterns and the smaller the better or perhaps more fun and colourful! I do hope the next one will stay at home! x Teje

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