Yes, life is full of surprises. Motherhood certainly is not boring!

Sparkle Jane

Hello, Sparkle Jane readers, Mom here.  I just had to share the latest news on that remarkable 12-year old quilter.  She is downstairs sewing right now and does not know I am doing this.


Earlier in the week I received an e-mail from Patricia:


Did you and Miss Abigail know that “Prom Night” is featured in The Quilter Magazine – October/November 2012 issue – page 97? I’m proud to say that I know her as always!

I wrote back, “Cripes!  No!  We had no idea.”  Just so you know, if you enter a show you sign away certain rights, among them, apparently, is the right to know that you are being published.  Thank goodness for good friends who tell us these things.

So, here I am, bragging on my daughter.  Way to go, Sparkle Jane!

ps–This blog will now return to its regularly scheduled broadcast. 🙂


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5 thoughts on “BLOG TAKEOVER: By Mom

  1. congratulations mom and sparkle jane!!! i will look for one of them today—two of them for you and one for me!!!! how neat is that????

  2. You are a great mom and have reared a great daughter. I cannot e-mail some items. It say that the form is invalid. What can I do.

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