It Rained And I Sewed

It was the week of “school in the woods” where we move the entire middle school to the woods for camping, classes and fun.  Good, but a lot of work and it went by way too fast.  Again. I am afraid it will be May before I even figure out how to turn in a lunch count reliably.  Although, in the woods, I didn’t have to worry about lunch count.

And now the long holiday weekend, full of “shoulds.”  But, Saturday it rained, and after a morning spent with family, I sewed instead of doing the list of outside “shoulds.”  Ah, what a lovely feeling!

I am working on a new scrappy quilt called Film At Five.

With a little (rainy) luck, I might have a top to share by the end of next week.  Maybe even sooner.  I am sure there are people out there mourning the damp holiday, but I am so content.  We need the rain and I need the time.

6 thoughts on “It Rained And I Sewed

  1. Oh, I can hardly wait to see what comes from this teaser! I’m so glad your week was successful and that you got a rainy sew day!

  2. i can hardly wait!! i have squares all cut and waiting for a new psq project and this looks like the one!!! so glad you had a fun week and then a wet many places need rain…we missed you!!!!! glad you are back and can hardly wait for the tutorial…

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