Sometimes Life Hands You Chickens

We have chickens!  Not necessarily what we planned, but we had been talking about it anyway and these needed a home.  So, Monday we picked them up, coop and all.
The hens weren’t sure they liked being placed in cat carriers, but they settled in to their new quarters in good order.  A treat of grapes and stale bread might have helped.
Husband and the children are thrilled with our new livestock:  five hens and one rooster. He will not be with us long.  Roosters are not allowed per city ordinance.
Feel free to stop by for an omlette soon.

9 thoughts on “Sometimes Life Hands You Chickens

  1. Now, that brings back memories. Who will get ‘THE JOB’ when they stop laying? Rooster first maybe. I could do anything but gut them. One sister could do that. SHHHH! don’t tell the kids that’s what will happen.

  2. good luck…we had chickens when we moved up to MI on a farm and it was my job to feed them…i hated it…lol….good have just enough to keep you in eggs…

  3. My husband misses his chickens, we have always had chickens except for Samoa and now here…. we had so many eggs we would take them to church and give them to the Bishop to hand out.

    Enjoy them. My husband could rock them in his arms and make them go to sleep…

  4. Raising chickens is something I’ve wanted to do for ages, but what with living in an apartment, it’s just not feasible. Someday, though, I’ll own my own house, and be able to have a couple of chickens of my very own!

    Have fun raising them!

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