Unnecessary Piecing?

One section of the Film at Five quilt involves 9-patch blocks.  But, not your average 9-patch blocks.  Eight of the nine pieces are all background with a single colored block in the center.

I find myself precisely cutting nine pieces and sewing them together. Of course, there is an alternative that would use two rectangles top and bottom with three squares in the center piece, but somehow that feels wrong.

Is this unnecessary piecing?  Am I being obsessive?  Somehow, it seems important, but maybe it is just silly.  What do you think?

16 thoughts on “Unnecessary Piecing?

  1. The added seams add more texture – and you are not obsessive. I am trying to work out a quilt idea in my head that is hexagons and I DON’T want the seams, though it would be easier to do the project that way. Do what seems right for you!

  2. I think it all depends on the look you are going for. It seems perfect to piece with a 9 block square. Therefore it is the right way. Don’t worry. It is your quilt.

  3. i like the nine patch….i like the lines of it..the way it makes the pattern flow i guess i’d say…but i like it better this way…the other way is nice for a quilt that does not depend on lines for it’s personality…but i like the 9 patch…i am an obsessive piecer so i understand….can hardly wait for the tutorial…

  4. totally agree with the majority -a nine patch is NINE pieces sewn together.

    for the hexagon -check out nancy Zieman’s hexagon technique

  5. You are being obsessive. =) However, if you want the extra design element that the pressed seams provide, or if you are using scraps that are too small to make the strips, and if you’re willing to do the extra work, I think it’s fine to be obsessive. We all are about one thing or another. –

  6. For me the answer would depend on how much texture I wanted in that area. If I was going to quilt it in a grid work pattern, I wouldn’t bother with individual pieces for a 9 patch. The quilting would achieve the texture. If I was going to FMQ then I would probably do the individual pieces. I prefer the accuracy of less seams if it doesn’t make a major difference in the outcome.

  7. What a dilemma! The blocks beside it seem to have rectangles, but the middle section is pieced. The added criss-crossy lines seem to finish off the center pieces.
    Of course, we quilty friends totally understand the angst piecing and extra seams cause.
    Hope school is going well!

  8. Yes, your quilt, your way. Me, totally necessary, I would take the quicker more easier way. After all it will be quilted over and no-one would or should ever notice. Our secret.

  9. Yeah, I am generally all for less piecing, believe it or not. OTOH, sometimes it is called for. Isn’t it grand you get to decide. Hope that doesn’t hold you up like it can me.

  10. Another point regarding the simple way: If you are going to do stitch-in-the-ditch quilting, you would regain the textured look by stitching thru the width of the rectangles while you are quilting.

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