Time To Sew-in

Yes, today is the day for the Friday Night Sew-in!

Handmade by Heidi

I am absolutely determined to get in some quality time with the sewing machine.  I started about 5:30am with catching up the ironing (get rid of guilt) and some scrap cutting (just to impose some order on things).  It is time to go for a walk and then get the day moving.  No school today, so there is the real possibility of productivity in other areas.  Oh, there are plenty of distractions in the way–doctors appointment, Young Son football game, housework, laundry…but, even an hour would do my heart good.

What about you?  How are your sewing plans looking for the day?

9 thoughts on “Time To Sew-in

  1. Home with a bad case of the sniffles today but trying to soldier through and do some binding, some knitting (maybe?), and some leader/ender piecing that I don’t really need to think about. Not often that I am home alone – enjoying the quiet.

  2. I UPS’d 3 kid quilts to grandkids yesterday. Sooooo I am determined to get a small start on a new project this morning before interruptions cause me to lose momentum? I will go for a walk or swim or bike ride LATER, (I hope) with peace of mind, and the project to think about and look forward to.

  3. i am finally home today after 2 days of working in my friend’s quilt shop and one day going to a trunk show..so today i have to get to cutting so i can sew..i have 3 quilts to do for my family plus three for a friend that i cut for but doing my family’s first..hope you get all accomplished that you plan to….

  4. On ‘vacation’ to Pennsylvania to help my sister move, but brought my 5 inch squares with me to cut for the thousand squares quilt. In between painting and wall-paper removal, I’ll be cutting! Have a sewing good day!

  5. I too had housework, washing to do, husband got home from a week away. Chemist for scripts for hubby and I, new bra’s for me, lunch out with hubby, but best of all we got to go to the 3d baby scan with dad (son) mum, her dad and the 2 grandaughters(hers and his). It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. She opened her eyes and mouth several times, I swear she was smiling at ME. To see that and hear her heartbeat was just amazing. Of course I was the most excited one there. New life is the best miracle ever. I did get some leftover FQ scraps cut up, so it was a good day all round for me.

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