If You Ask For A Fish…

When I asked for fish fabric for my nephew, Fisher, I had no idea what response I might get.

I got this!

Thank you all so very much for your kindness and generosity.   Over 100 unique fabrics.  WOW!  Who knew there were that many fish fabrics in the world?

This is my current active project.  Fish for the front and fish for the back.  I am really excited to start sewing pieces together.

8 thoughts on “If You Ask For A Fish…

  1. Im so excited for you. Cant wait to see all the different fish and how you put them all toghether. I know it will be awesome. Have fun.

  2. i knew you would get lots…i am always amazed at how many different fabrics there are out there..i know he will love it—even if there had just been enough fish for one side..can hardly wait to see how you do it when you get it finished..

  3. Well, now, I want to see a hundred fabrics with fish on them, even if they aren’t unique! =) Now I’m going to be interested to see if we have a lot of Fishy Squares! Saturday Morning Fishtunes. =)

  4. You make our day so you shouldn’t be surprised by the generosity of other quilters…….They are a great bunch!

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